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The right Fastener for the job

Many of our customers are trade professionals who know exactly what they need. 
This post is not aimed at them, but rather the person who doesn’t spend all day working with the product we sell and needs a little more info on the products available so that a particular problem can be solved.

Let’s start with a little general info on identifying the types fasteners and the lingo used to describe them.

Starting with the item commonly referred to as a bolt, more accurately called a HEX head bolt. They come in a variety of sizes specifications and material, from common mild steel, High tensile steel, brass and Stainless steel.

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Price Price Price!

The price war and the practice of always bargaining and beating suppliers down to the lowest possible price is a widely practiced principal of many individuals and businesses, even more so in Kwa-Zulu Natal, where price is always the most important factor in decision making. Far more emphasis is placed on better pricing than better products or services.

There is nothing wrong with getting a good deal, why pay more than you need to right. [Read More…]

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Tough Times

Lets just be honest, 2018 wasn’t a very good year for the average South African business. The lack of business confidence trickled down from the very big corporates and commercial farmers to the little guys who support them.

2019 has started slower than most years. [Read More…]

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